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Priming your seed helps to balance the key elements within and promote the development of strong seedlings.


Starters provide germinating seed with immediate access to phosphorus nutrition, promoting rapid root growth and accelerated seedling emergence.


Foliar nutrition provides the plant with the crucial energy it needs to hasten root growth and help it recover from early-season stress.


Work with an Omex Plant Health Professional to develop a nutrient management program tailored to your specific needs.

In-Season Solutions

Seed-applied Nutrients Contribute to Strong Winter Wheat Stand

Applying a seed nutrient primer to his winter wheat crop was a no-brainer for Southeastern Alberta farmer Charles Schmidt.

“In watching our other cereals, pulse crops and canola I believe a seed primer makes such a huge difference in benefiting root development,” says Schmidt. “We haven’t grown winter wheat for many years, and it was a very dry year in our area. I was hoping for a 70 bushel crop, but it is actually coming off at about 75 bushels per acre.”


Super B

Tim Palmer explores the importance of Boron when it comes to cell wall strength, development, cell division, seed fertilization and development.

Super B Beats the Heat

A Boron deficiency in Canola is often associated with missing pods or seeds in the pod. Boron is mobile in soils, but IMMOBILE in the plant and that is why Boron deficiencies are seen in the new growth (top leaves and flowers) and a shortage of Boron during the flowering stage can lead to aborted pods.


Roundup Ready Soy Booster

Jeff Braun, Dean Jones and Brian Elgert talk about the benefits of Roundup Ready Soy Booster.

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OMEX Agriculture Inc. strives to provide the agricultural and horticultural industry throughout Canada and the US with nutrient programs and products to allow plants to deal with environmental stresses (too cold, too wet, too dry, too hot) to improve crop quality.

We develop and manufacture the most innovative line of nutritional products, based on the in-depth understanding of the science of crop nutrition. The development of The First 30 Days® and The Final 30 Days® nutrient management programs, lead the industry in improving plant health, yield, quality, and seed nutrient biofortification.

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