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Priming your seed helps to balance the key elements within and promote the development of strong seedlings.


Starters provide germinating seed with immediate access to phosphorus nutrition, promoting rapid root growth and accelerated seedling emergence.


Foliar nutrition provides the plant with the crucial energy it needs to hasten root growth and help it recover from early-season stress.


Work with an Omex Plant Health Professional to develop a nutrient management program tailored to your specific needs.

In-Season Solutions

Water Stress Conditions at Fungicide Timing

As the canola starts to bolt and the wheat is getting to the flag leaf stage, the timing for Stress Reliever technology (in C3, P3 and Nutri-Boost) has passed. For application with fungicide, the best product choices for crops that are water stressed are:


Dealing with Extreme Wet Conditions

Conditions have moved from WET to EXTREME WET in many areas of Saskatchewan and Manitoba with water stressed crops showing purpling & yellowing, reduced metabolism and delayed maturity. Growers who are determined to push their crop through this stress are looking for a plan to salvage yield potential, quality and maturity.